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Wildlife Cameras

Wildlife Photography

For both amateur and professional photographers, wildlife photography represents one of the most challenging yet rewarding forms of camerawork. Whilst a lot of time can be taken to position the photographer in the right place at the right time – “wow” images can often depend on serendipity. Nonetheless, ensuring that the right equipment is used is part of the groundwork designed to bring about the best chances of success. Here at Camera Shop, we offer some of the leading Digital SLRs (such as the weatherproof Pentax K5 which can shoot at 7 frames per second) and lenses to use when seeking to capture wildlife. Naturally, whilst camera hardware is crucial for capturing wildlife, there are many must-have camera accessories such as tripods and camouflaged lens hoods that we can also provide.

But, have you ever wondered what happens in your garden when you’re not looking? Have you found yourself frustrated as a wildlife photographer because you are not getting the shots you want? One solution is to use automated surveillance cameras that activate when heat or movement is attached.


Spypoint Wildlife Cameras

By utilising Passive Infrared Sensor technology, Spypoint Wildlife Cameras can start capturing photographs from the moment motion or heat is detected during both day and night. Whether it is game scouting, viewing wildlife in the garden (or even commercial and residential security), Spypoint uses cutting-edge multi-patented features that combine quality pictures with the shortest IR LED flash time on the market. Furthermore, lens quality is top notch.

All the products are developed with the user in mind and each product is rigorously tested in real life situations before being approved and produced. Camera shop stocks a number of Spypoint models including SpyPoint's Tiny Game Camera – which is an 8 Megapixel camera that employs three integrated sensors for seven zones of detection. Easy to use controls are accessed on the rear touchpad screen.


Spypoint Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are no slouches when compared to DSLRs for performance either. The Spypoint IR-10 Digital Wildlife Trail Camera, for example, is capable of 10 Megapixel still images and 720P HD Video Recording with variable recording length from 10 to 90 seconds. Remote triggering and sound recording can also be utilised and the IR-10 is a great option for recording images of badgers, foxes and other wildlife. The unit takes colour stills and video during the day, and black and white at night using infrared. 

For buyers wanting to spend a little less, the Spypoint IR-6 Digital Wildlife Trail Camera is an excellent alternative. It’s a beautifully compact unit offering 6 Megapixel quality with cracking night time illumination thanks to its forty-six infrared LEDs. And all for just £170! 

A tip when using these cameras… make sure you have a decent memory card inserted! There is nothing more frustrating than buying a camera that can take amazing high resolution images and missing out on ‘shot of the year’ because your memory card is full! In turn, make sure your units are fully charged before any shooting session (there are solar panel charging accessories available) and ensure that you avoid reducing the standby/usage time of your batteries by not running them to empty (or close to empty) before recharging them (so called “battery memory”).

Spypoint is a hugely innovative company that regularly pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved. They offer wireless feeds, and Live uploads to the Spypoint website, to name but two. If you are in any doubt as to what wildlife system is best for you – drop us an email and discuss your requirements. We are happy to make an impartial recommendation.

See our full range of Spypoint cameras and accessories here


Spotting Scopes

Of course, it may be that wildlife observation is more applicable to what you are trying to achieve, and capturing the moment is not as important as actually seeing it. In such scenarios, Spotting Scopes for Nature represent a judicious way to watch wildlife. We stock a number of ‘kits’ too, that also include binoculars. The Praktica 20-60x70 Birdwatching Kit comprises of scope, binos, and tripod for less than £120.

Shop for our spotting scopes for nature here

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