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Underwater Camera and Housing Packages

Underwater Camera and Housing Packages

The new range and designs of waterproof cameras is fantastic and have transformed the quality of photography and video recording underwater. However they’re not suitable for every photographer hoping to take some deep sea snaps. This is because many underwater cameras aren’t designed to work below three metres or so, which only make them suitable for water sports or splashing around in the shallow end.

Therefore, if you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous and go deep sea diving or scuba diving, you’ll need to get yourself something a little more robust. That’s where underwater camera housing packages come in.

If money isn’t an object, then you have the pick of some superb underwater camera and housing packages.

If you’re feeling flush and want to buy something that the professionals would use, then look no further than the Sony RX100 Camera + ikelite housing + 16GB SD card + Ikelite AF35 Slave Flash. You can take this unit down to depths of 60 metres and with a 20-megapixel camera that fits perfectly into a hardened and waterproof casing, you’ll be taking some memorable photographs easily.

The beauty of this underwater camera and housing package, is that it enables the direct attachment of wide-angle and also macro lenses, which are ideal for taking the best photographs underwater. This package also contains a flash diffuser and flash detector, which are needed to compensate for the poor quality of light underwater.


Underwater Camera Case

An underwater camera case, also known as camera housings, is designed to fit most digital cameras and will withstand depths of 60 metres or more. These enable you to take your everyday camera out and about and to the depths of the ocean, avoiding the need to purchase something expensive and purpose-built.

We sell the popular Canon WP-DC37 Underwater Housing for the Canon Ixus 130, which allows you to take your Canon Ixus 125 to depths of up to 40m. This housing allows you to use your camera and even its flash, while underwater, and comes with a diffuser internal flash for improved lighting of your photographs. Your camera’s functions, while in the case, are limited however your ability to take photographs remains good. At under £200, this represents a fantastic buy.


Buy Underwater Camera and Housing Packages from Camera Shop

Our extensive range of underwater cameras includes Canon Ixus, Canon Powershot and Sony cameras and waterproof housings. Camera Shop sells the widest range of underwater camera housings and packages that include digital cameras and underwater cases, online.


Do get in touch with us if you have any outstanding questions about our underwater camera and housings packages, or any of our other products. If you want some warm and friendly advice about our products, or what might be best for your needs, give one of our independent experts a call. They’d be more than happy to help you out: 0121 647 7229.



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