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Underwater Cameras

Underwater Photography

Whether it’s capturing your child’s first swimming lesson or taking photographs and videos of your deep-sea dive, an underwater camera can produce some stunning images.

With improved casings and digital cameras, underwater photography has really taken off. Techniques for improving the quality of the images taken underwater has also improved, meaning the photographs produced are clearer and much sharper than those of the past.

Even in clear waters, a lot of photographs can lose colour and definition, which is due to the lack of sunlight, which gets absorbed by the water. Some of the newer digital underwater cameras include a flash, which helps to restore some of the lost colour. However the best way to produce crystal clear underwater photography is to get as close to your object as possible, which minimises the loss of colour.


Underwater Cameras

Underwater cameras used to be largely available only as disposables because they were of relatively low quality, producing rather throwaway images. However with improved casings and the ability to produce cheaper digital cameras to a much higher standard, the demand for taking photographs underwater rose.

The housings and casings are now robust enough to use outside of the water too. Whether you’re on holiday or on a muddy trek, these provide great insurance for your priceless photographs.

Camera Shop stocks a great range of underwater cameras from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. If you have a question about an underwater camera, call us on 0121 647 7229.

See our full range of underwater cameras.


Underwater Digital Cameras

The decline of disposable underwater cameras coincided with the improvement in technology and the falling price of digital cameras. This subsequently means that you can get some great underwater digital cameras without having to break the bank.

One of the great advantages of underwater digital cameras is that once you have taken the snaps and downloaded them to your computer, you have more control with editing and improving the images. As the light underwater is generally poor, it can be difficult to pick out detail and capture anything truly memorable. Images taken with an underwater digital camera can be edited to introduce more light and highlight areas of detail, making sure you come away with photographs of the event just as you remember it.


Best Underwater Cameras

We now sell a large range of underwater cameras, housings and accessories from the leading manufacturers, such as Sealife, Olympus, Fuji Ewa Marine, Ikelite and UR/Pro.

The Praktica Dpix 500 is a particular favourite as it comes in a variety of colours, including yellow, orange and blue. At £56.40 and with 5 megapixels and 4x digital zoom, this represents one of the best underwater cameras on the market.

If your budget can stretch this far, then the Swann Freestyle HD, at £279.98, is a best-in-class underwater camera. This is a wearable 8-megapixel camera, which means you can strap it to your bike or to your wrist as you swim through shoals of fish.


Take a look at our entire range of underwater cameras.




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