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Welcome to the Camera Shop

Established in 1983 and online since 2000, our extensive experience with cameras, accessories and optics perfectly positions us to guide you towards your next purchase. However, despite our background and the website’s name, we also specialise in a range of additional products alongside digital cameras, including:

Night Vision

Night vision scopes and goggles enable you to see in low-light conditions by intensifying the ambient light rather than relying on a source of their own. We sell a range of night vision units, from the head piece goggles you’ll have seen in the movies, through to the latest digital monoculars, scopes and binoculars. Some of the night vision products we sell include:

Yukon Night Vision

Yukon is the largest manufacturer and developer of night vision products for consumers in the world. Yukon’s night vision products are designed for hunting and related outdoor hobbies as well as for security. Our night vision range from Yukon includes the Yukon Ranger Digital NV 5x42 Night Vision Monocular, which utilises cutting-edge technology to deliver some of highest quality images in darkness. Check out our Yukon night vision products.

Pulsar Night Vision

Pulsar is one of Yukon’s leading night vision brands, targeted at the professional user. The quality of Pulsar’s night vision products is such that they’re the choice of law enforcement units and other professional operations across the world. Despite being positioned as one of the leading global night vision brands, we have Pulsar night vision products at some of the most competitive prices online. View our Pulsar night vision range.

Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes are very similar to telescopes but include added optics to present an optimised image. The diameter of the objective lens, which gathers light from the target object, determines the light-gathering power and resolution of the spotting scope. We sell a variety of spotting scopes with the majority of these being small and portable, making them ideal to transport.

Spotting scopes for bird watching

You may recognise spotting scopes from films like the Hurt Locker, however they’re used more commonly for bird watching, as well as surveillance and hunting. Spotting scopes for bird watching have become more popular than the traditional binoculars as they cope better with long distances. This means that marks that distinguish one bird from another can be picked out with a spotting scope much easier than a set of binoculars, for example.

See all of our spotting scopes.

Visionary Scopes

Visionary scopes are becoming extremely popular among visual observers as they can be purchased relatively inexpensively and produce quality images. Stargazers are particularly fond of visionary spotting scopes as they provide a smooth and steady unit for picking out the wonders of the night sky.

Adapters for DSLR cameras are available for visionary scopes that make it possible to take photographs of the images you see through the lens.

Olivon Scopes

Olivon are a highly regarded manufacturer of optical equipment, with a broad range from the Olivon spotting scopes through to binoculars. A family owned and run business, Olivon has gained a reputation for producing high quality products and is a firm favourite among astronomers. Pair with a sturdy tripod and Olivon scopes are among the best on the market. View our range of Olivon scopes.

Praktica Scopes

A well-known name in photography, Praktica also manufacture scopes and binoculars. Designed for terrestrial use, Praktica scopes are popular among bird watchers and shooting groups. Praktica scopes can be combined with tripods to produce images with unrivalled clarity. Alongside the scopes, a number of accessories are available including digiscoping outfits that enable you to combine a digital camera in order to record video or still photography of the images that you’re viewing through the scope. Check out our Praktica scopes.


We sell a large range of Spypoint products, which have become synonymous with hunting and surveillance. Combine a set of wireless motion detectors with a wildlife trail camera to produce superb quality photographs in the day or night and triggered by the movement of your garden’s wildlife.

Wireless motion detectors and cameras are perhaps their best-known products, however Spypoint produce a range of accessories and peripherals that can improve the quality of your outdoor surveillance. View all of our Spypoint products.

Underwater Cameras

As availability has increased, and their price decreased, underwater cameras have become more and more popular. From capturing your child’s first swimming lesson, to taking photographs while diving on holiday, underwater cameras are an essential piece of kit.

As a specialist underwater camera shop, we stock cameras at both ends of the budget scale. For those with a more modest budget, we have a range of Praktica’s colourful Dpix 500 underwater digital cameras. If you want to spend a little more, has a full range of ikelite housings, and more, that produce some of the best images seen underwater. View all of our underwater cameras.

Studio Flash Equipment

We stock a large range of studio flash equipment, from white umbrellas to bounce or diffuse light, through to softboxes and octagons. The Pro Line series of accessories and equipment are among our best sellers as they represent excellent value-for-money products. Indeed our equipment isn’t as expensive as you might believe, meaning you can fit a high-quality home studio on a budget. Check out our studio flash equipment.

We stock more than just cameras and accessories. We have an extensive range of the following:

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